Dear Alan – A Tribute to Alan Turing

Dear Alan is the first short film made by Pink Triangle Theatre. We made this with borrowed equipment, no budget, and very little time, but we did it.

Below is the final edit of this feature. There is no more that can be done with it now. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.

FREE DVD copies of this film are being offered to schools, colleges, community groups etc, and can be requested by emailing us at

Full Credits are at the end of the film.


Clive is a secondary School Teacher with a deep respect and love for Alan Turing. Today is his 42nd birthday (the age Alan never reached) and he is meeting his Sister Ruth for an afternoon coffee to collect his cards, and something very special. Clive wrote a letter to Alan Turing when he was only twelve years old. Clive’s Mother, Elaine, also a Teacher, made sure that Clive learned about Alan during home School sessions, and then asked Clive to write Alan a letter as if he were still alive. Clive will be given the letter back today, and more than anything he wants to read it for Alan. He figures the best way to do this is to go to the tribute statue in Sackville Park, Manchester. Where else can you find this great man, sat waiting to hear you? For Clive, this is where Alan can still be reached, and spoken to.

© Copyright Pink Triangle Theatre 2011-12

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